F.A JSC is supplying compressed natural gas (CNG) with domestic origin and volume as follows:

+ Methane (CH4): 95%

+ Nitrogen (N2): 2%

+ Other natural gas: 3%





Physical state: gas Boiling point (°C): -161.6°C
Color: colorless

Melting point (°C): -182.5°C (90.6K) at 1 atm

                              25°C (298K) at 1.5 GPa

Odor: odorless. To recognize the leak, supplier added admixture as the smell of bad egg Flash point (°C): -188°C
Vaporizing pressure: Not applicable Autognition temperature (°C): 482-632°C
Density (at 15°C): 0.58 (air = 1) Maximum combustion concentration limit: 15% volume
Dissolubility: 0.0023 g/100 ml Minimum combustion concentration limit: 5% volume
pH index: Not applicable Specific gravity at 162°C: 0.44 (water = 1); 1.51 (air = 1)
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