History and development

F.A Company Limited was established on March 01st, 2004 after many years to retail sell liquidized ammonia. Starting as a small company with many difficulties on the market share, facilities and human resource, F.A’s business is stable and to be developed quickly and professionally during last 3 years.
F.A is a market leader on ammonia distribution in Vietnam now. We’re proud to supply Ammonia and services to Customers in whole country from the North to Middle and the South of Vietnam with total market share of 70% in best service quality.
With the goal “continuously improving service quality and ensuring safety to users”, we have built close, well-organized, professional and modern infrastructure system – from import - storage – delivery – use. We have constructed material base system include using, import warehouse of customer companies, direct delivery system from port - warehouse – port by piping, specialized trucks, tank trucks and vessel, etc. Because of above investments, delivery by tank trucks helps the price and loss decrease for customers.
- Material base system:

  • Ammonia import warehouse at Go Dau Zone A of Go Dau Port, Long Thanh District, Dong Nai Province.
  • Ammonia transhipment warehouse at Dap-Vinachem Joint Stock Company, the Dinh Vu Economic Zone, Hai Phong City.
  • Ammonia input system by inland waterway at Ajinomoto Vietnam Company.
  • Ammonia output system by inland waterway at PetroVietnam Ca Mau Fertilizer Joint Stock Company.
  • Ammonia output system at Ninh Binh Nitrogenous Fertilizer Limited Company.

- About market:

  • We have supplied ammonia to the South area of 35,000 MT, the North area of 60,000 MT in annual.
  • For chemical, CO2, compressed natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, ammonia products, our main customers are companies in food industry, fertilizer, explosives, rubber, steel, chemical, etc.

With high experienced and qualified employees and endeavour to become one of leading companies in gas and equipments supplement section, F.A Company plans as follows:

       * Meet the higher and higher requirements of customers by ensuring maximum safety for human and equipments, improve workmanship and qualification for employees.
         * Expand the business to the North area, enhance the capacity of ammonia input – output station in the Dinh Vu Economic Zone, Hai Phong City, proactively input as well as reserve ammonia for customers in the North area, concentrate on marketing product, develop customers in the Middle and South West area.
          * Build CO2 production plant project, achieve the object to develop other industrial gas business.
          * Implement CNG marketing for supplying the potential customers in the North area.
The board of directors and employees are always conscious the responsibility and ability, make an effort to the company’s development for suitable the general development of world economy.