Information to identify the ammonia product of F.A Joint Stock Company

Thursday, 19 November 2015 15:40

On the market, some firms are selling ammonia from China whom be imported with a little amount. We supply some necessary information to customers to identify:

1. Ammonia particulars of the product to be imported from China

- Ammonia are produced from coal in the manufactory have the old technology in 1970s. They have much contaminant, high speed corrosion, a lot of inert gases, therefore they have the unusually high pressure. The machines are undurable and overloaded if they use these products.

- They are usually extracted into the cylinders that do not ensure the safety standards, they often have many risks about the burn and explosion. They consist of:

  • UNIQUE GAS's the ammonia cylinders were produced in 1994-1995, they sold legal liquidation in 2005 because they were uselessness.
  • The liquefied petroleum gas cylinders had been produced before 1995, they are often very thin and less than 40kg.
  • The else cylinders have not original or had been produced before 1975.

2. Ammonia particulars of the extracted into cylinder of F.A Joint Stock Company

- To be made from natural gas with the advanced technique and satisfies the strict standard quality of Japan, Germany and United States. It was imported from Mitsui & Co Pte, Ltd, a company of Japan.

- They are extracted into the specific cylinders to be painted to cover with yellow, consist of net weight 60kg and 200kg. On the face of the cylinders have some information as name of the company, code of cylinder, produced year, limited use, weight of the cylinder. And they are always checked and maintained periodically.

- F.A JSC bought insurance for the whole cargo, service, warehouse, etc about thirty billion VND per year.

- After extracting the ammonia into the cylinders, the valve were covered with the coating have the F.A logo picture. The stamps (stamp insurance, stamp cargo) were stamped on the middle of the cylinder.

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