Safety instructions for use the ammonia cylinders

Thursday, 26 November 2015 08:57

1. Customers must strictly adhere to the regulations on the inspection of the cylinder, don't use the expired inspection cylinders and rejected cylinders.

2. Ammonia cylinders are not put in the sun or near heat sources. Customers don't use ammonia cylinders to store other chemicals, or to suck ammonia from the compressor.

3. Persons who work directly with ammonia gas must be trained for safety use of ammonia gas as well as tools and protective equipments.

4. Customers transport lightly, don't throw and impact critically on the deformation of the cylinder. To use iron hammer swipe at cover is strictly forbidden. When transporting the cylinders, less than 150 liters, customers put them the vertical and should not sorted many layers in the horizontal.

5. When taking ammonia gas in the cylinder, customers put the cylinder in the vertical. With ammonia liquor, put it in the horizontal and adjust valve gate to face with the operator.

6. Operator must always observe the whole process from opening to locking valve.

7. At the first of use or periodic maintenance, before filling ammonia, customers must suck the air in the cylinder or use nitrogen gas blow into the cylinder to push it out. Filling overweight ammonia is prohibited.

8. If there are ammonia gas leaks, operators or concerning persons must wear the special safety clothing and spray water on the leak.

9. If skin and eyes are contaminated ammonia, they should be washed immediately with plenty of clean water, if operators inhale or swallow ammoina, they must be drunk plenty of water and taken out of the affected areas.

10. Immediately notice to the local office, F.A joint stock company via mobile phone as 0903.815.242, if the leak is serious and uncontrollable.